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Victor Pulliat was born on April 27, 1827 in the vineyard "Domaine de Tempéré" in Chiroubles.
His father died when he was 7 years old. His mother sent him to school in the Semur and "Argentière" seminars.
Still very young, he studies botanic, specialy rose-trees, fruit-trees and vine-plants with great passion.
Having discovered the book of the famous vinegrower count Odart, he begins his own huge collection of various types of vines, being assisted in this work by world vine-plants' most famous specialists. This collection counted more than thousand vines.

With Alphonse Mas (apple-trees' specialist) , he published the magazine "Le Vignoble", from 1874 to 1880.
In 1869, he started the Regional Society for Vine-growing of Lyon, and recommands grafting on resistant roots in order to renew french vineyard which as been destroyed by phylloxera.
He is author of "American vineyard and vine-growing in Europe" with Robin and Planchon. In the same time, he works on numerous publications in France and foreign countries. This revue was an authority during more than 30 years. Through this activity and these investigations Victor Pulliat got a determinant influence, in the renewing of french vineyard, especially Beaujolais vineyard based on grafting Gamays' scions on american Taylors' roots.
In 1890 and 1891, he studies local vine-plants in Algeria.

After having been nominated titular professor of the just created vine-growing chair at "Institut agronomique de Paris" in 1884, he takes the headship of the Agriculture school of Ecully (close to Lyon) in 1889.

Holding a grafting-knife, he teaches vine-growing on a practical very much appreciated way.
Emile Bender (who was mayor of Odenas and president of General Council of Rhône) describes him as,
"always cheerfull, affectionate and very charitable".
He died on August 12, 1896.

Pulliats' house in the 1910's

Vineyard "Domaine de Tempéré" today

Victor Puliats' statue in the village-square

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