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Only a small memorial stone on a gate, with a simple and laconic text, so is Emile Cheysson’s memory in Chiroubles.
He was born on the 18th of May 1836 in Nîmes (South of France). In 1870 he bought in Chiroubles the vineyard which is called nowadays after his name “Le domaine Cheysson".

In 1854, he graduated the Polytechnic School (a famous French grande école of engineering) as civil engineer.
By supervising the publication of 17 graphical statistics albums between 1879 and 1899, he highly supported the using of geometrical statistics :

“If the graphical statistics, although a young science, extends every day its area, that is because it is an advantageous substitute for long number tables. It allows not only to detect in one glance phenomena series, but also to point out connections or anomalies of them, to find the causes, to draw laws."

The social engineer :
Following the economist and sociologist Frederic Le Play (1806-1882), he was interested in relationships between the working sphere and the family.

"The relationship between the boss and the workman doesn’t cease after the labour and the paycheck".
He suggested the creation of a new position in companies : "The social engineer".

Nowadays the HLM Movement (low cost accommodation for workers) acknowledges him as one of its founders.




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